Facial Liposuction

Facial liposuction, also called submental liposuction, is the removal of fat from the neck and under the chin using suction. Using precise instruments and very small incisions, liposuction permits Dr. Knott or Dr. Park to literally sculpt the contour of the neck and jowls. This procedure can significantly reduce excess facial and neck fat.


Some patients may benefit from liposuction performed in conjunction with either a neck lift or facelift. If the face and neck skin has lost its youthful elasticity, then the lax skin which results from liposuction may tightened by a facelift or neck lift. The combination of fat sculpting with tightening and suspension is very powerful and rejuvenating.


During the consultation, Dr. Knott or Dr. Park will perform a complete facial assessment, including the degree of lifetime solar exposure, the presence of dynamic and static wrinkles, and the degree of sagging of the facial fat and muscles. An important element is the degree of elasticity of the neck skin. Although liposuction permits removal of fat, it is important that a thin, uniform layer be left behind to act as a soft cover over the neck structures and jaw. A comprehensive and individualized plan will be developed for you and will be discussed in detail.


Facial liposuction usually involves either a small incision just under the chin and another immediately behind the earlobe in the ear crease and usually takes 30 minutes to perform. Scarring is often minimal because the incision is made in a crease of the skin. Addition of tumescent solution (containing dilute adrenalin) minimizes bleeding and bruising.

Some patients as well may benefit from structural fat grafting (Coleman Technique). The fat that is removed from the jowls and neck during liposuction using the tumescent technique may then be strained and cleaned and injected back into areas of the face that have experienced atrophy. This re-injection of your own fat serves as a long-term or permanent filler to round out the cheeks or support the lower eyelids.


When performed alone, liposuction usually causes bruising of the skin over the jaw and neck. This often fades within seven to ten days. A compressive dressing is recommended for five to seven days to prevent any small fluid collections. When performed in conjunction with a facelift or neck lift, recovery is slowed by several days. Prescription pain medication is provided to ease recovery.

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