Dr. Jennifer Grandis in her lab

The Department has an active research program in both clinical and basic sciences of hearing and publishes 40-50 articles in scientific journals annually. The research laboratories are currently staffed by six faculty members and approximately 35 pre-and postdoctoral fellows and visiting professors. Our research focuses on the patient care aspects of adult and pediatric ENT; airway, voice, and swallowing; cancers and tumors; facial plastic surgery; hearing and balance; nose and sinus. We aim to expand our clinical research by valuing our patients, using the most advanced technologies, recruiting and collaborating with the best physicians around the world.

The Laboratories Include

  • Five fully equipped electrophysiological laboratories with sound-isolating chambers
  • A modern histopathology laboratory, with complete facilities for light and electron microscopy and digital imaging
  • A molecular biology and molecular genetics laboratory
  • Cochlear implant development laboratory with Class 100 clean room
  • An electronic shop