Getting to Know Us at UCSF Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery Residency Program

UCSF Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery Residency Program welcomes all interested fourth year medical students to view program video, along with our campus life videos linked below. These videos will help educate and inform our applicants of resident life within the UCSF OHNS Residency Program. We hope to hear from you soon!

Welcome Video


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Dr. Rosen and Sarah Schneider, CCC-SLP

Our Stories: The Show Must Go On

Dr. Knott

ABC 7 News: Former Beauty Pageant Queen Undergoes Facial Reanimation Surgery

Dr. Limb

60 Minutes: Meet the Blind Piano Player Who's So Good, Scientists Are Studying Him. Note: Dr. Limb appearance at 8:15
NPR: Jazz Improv Cracks Up Brain's Creativy
CNN: Making Music Sound "Better"

Dr. Chang

ABC 7 News: Treating Sleep Apnea with MagNap - Magnet Implant

Dr. Ha


Faculty Spotlights

Our Calling Videos


Dr. Ha

Dr. Seth

Dr. Heaton

Dr. Rosen

Sarah Schneider, MS, CCC-SLP

Dr. Limb

TED Talks:



Dr. Chan

Auditory Physiology

Research Highlights

Dr. Grandis

Dr. Limb


Dr. Gurrola

Dr. Ha

Dr. Pletcher

Dr. Young-Wook Jun
Paper: "A Mechanogenetic Toolkit for Interrogating Cell Signaling in Space and Time"

Introduction to the University of California, San Francisco

Welcome to UCSF: please view this video which summarizes the culture of the work environment at UCSF.

Fun Times with UCSF OHNS

Doctor (Graduating Chief Tribute)

UCSF ENT 2020 Graduation Video

Dr. Limb with Ben Folds: Ben Folds Composes Song for Orchestra in 10 minutes - LIVE