UCSF OHNS's Dr. Daniel Knott and Team Praised for Excellent Care

March 30, 2022
Dr. P. Daniel Knott, co-author

Rarely is a hospital called a "figurative Shangri-la," but that is exactly how Mr. Orville Schell, a patient, described the UCSF Medical Center in a recent article published by the Our Towns Civic Foundation. The former dean of the UC Berkeley School of Journalism and renowned expert of US/China relations, Mr. Schell recently underwent complex, multidisciplinary treatment at UCSF. 

Mr. Schell notes how different the medical experience was from the rancor and animosities currently afflicting society beyond the walls of the academic medical center. This piece reminds us of the unique and hallowed space occupied by the highly ranked and results-oriented team at UCSF.

In his essay, which is introduced by James Fallows, contributing author for "The Atlantic" and former presidential speech writer, Mr. Schell details the treatment he received and the culture he observed at UCSF. He names the many physicians that treated him, including UCSF OHNS's Daniel Knott, MD, who is a professor and the director of Facial Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery.

In particular, Mr. Schell recognizes the "multicultural, multiracial and multinational, and multi-discipline" team at UCSF. "What is immediately obvious to a patient in one of our great teaching hospitals," writes Mr. Schell, "is that America's dedication to openness, inclusiveness, scientific excellence and tolerance has been what's drawn the very best from around the world here."

We are proud to be recognized in this glowing article by Mr. Schell. His experience at UCSF represents the exceptional care that we strive to provide to all our patients. We are also grateful that Dr. Knott was able to aid in the treatment and recovery of Mr. Schell.

"I appreciate and am humbled by Mr. Schell's kind words," says Dr. Knott. "His article is an excellent reminder of the impact that our work can have on the people we serve. I'm proud to be a part of this community of hardworking, patient-centric health care providers."

Read the entirety of Mr. Schell's article, available online.