SFUSD Hearing Lessons

The Children's Communication Center team designed an hour-long interactive lesson for fourth graders at San Francisco Unified School District. The activities are designed to teach students ear and hearing, awareness of noise-induced hearing loss, and the importance of safe listening practices. Through the activities, students will also learn basic steps of the scientific process, data collection, and analysis.

The lesson structure is defined as follows:

45-minute full-class interactive lesson covering:

1. What is sound and how is it measured?

2. How is sound detected by the ear?

3. How are cells in the inner-ear damaged by noise?

4. How does sound in our environment affect our understanding and learning?

15-minute class activity in which students:

1. Listen and test their comprehension of phrases in different noise environments

2. Compare and analyze classmate data on the class results

3. Learn about how to protect their hearing


For more details and sign-up information, please click here. If interested in our lesson plan, please contact us at [email protected].

“There was a great mix of lecture and interactive activities. I really appreciated it!”

"This was great and the kids had fun and were engaged. Thank you so much!"

“Thank you SO much! We all (myself included) learned a lot.”