The CCC's American Sign Language (ASL) Class is a free virtual class designed for parents and extended family members of children who are D/HH. The goals of the ASL class are to empower families to enrich the communication between families and their D/HH children at home through a visual-gestural modality. This empowerment can support families in their efforts to advocate on behalf of their children as they learn and understand their children’s needs across various domains of their development. To learn more, please refer to flyers attached below. 


Early Intervention Workshops are designed to provide information and guidance on understanding and navigating the complex systems of education and health care from the very beginning of a family’s journey with a new diagnosis of hearing loss. The workshop is tailored for families of D/HH children ages 0 to 5 years. It provides a detailed overview of early intervention, transition services at age three and the care pathway for new identification of hearing loss, information about the importance of family involvement and collaboration, and available community resources and support. To learn more, please contact Jenny Stephans at [email protected] or 415-353-2012.

ListenUp! is a video outreach program designed to make it easier for families to communicate with their community of family, friends, and teachers about childhood hearing loss. We work with families to develop and produce a video for their child that includes a hearing-loss simulation and tips on communication enhancement narrated by the parent or child in their native language. By sharing this video, families are empowered to educate their community about their child’s hearing loss and optimize their communication.

ListenUp! Video Outreach Program (pdf)

The Parent-to-Parent Group is a support group tailored for parents of children who are D/HH. The goal is to create a safe space for parents to share their experiences, find resources, seek support, and make connections with one another. Simultaneous interpretation is available for non-English speaking parents upon request. 

For more details and sign-up information, please click here

Silence: On/Off is a podcast produced by Katrin Jaradeh, UCSF medical student, and Naveen Yaramala, cochlear implant recipient, where they interview individuals engaged with hearing and deafness, including clinical and educational providers and individuals who are D/HH, to talk about their experiences with hearing and deafness.

Social groups are a fun peer-to-peer support space tailored for children who are D/HH with a total communication approach. This 6-week program is designed to bring together children of same-age peers who may experience isolation due to geographic and/or linguistic factors. Through social groups, children may make new friendships, share their experiences, play interactive games, and make quick and easy crafts to enhance team building, problem-solving and social interaction skills.