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The Hearing and Communication Clinic (HCC) is for children with permanent childhood hearing impairment, we provide coordinated care by a pediatric otolaryngologist, pediatric audiologist, medical geneticist, SLP/aural habilitation specialist, and an education/social work counselor in a single visit. A personalized multidisciplinary action plan for diagnosis and treatment of the hearing loss will be developed for each child and carried out together with community providers and schools. We work as a team to empower families to use resources available to them to maximize the communication potential of their deaf or hard-of-hearing child.

The Voice Clinic is for children with voice and swallowing disorders, including velopharyngeal insufficiency, aspiration, vocal cord nodules, and vocal cord dysfunction, we provide joint evaluation by pediatric otolaryngology and pediatric SLP, as well as a full range of subsequent medical, surgical, and therapy services, including clinic-based diagnostic procedures such as functional endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES), video stroboscopy, laryngoscopy, and nasendoscopy.

The Patient Educational Library (Biblioteca Educativa del Paciente and 患者教育資料庫) is meant to empower families to better understand their child’s hearing loss and their unique needs. Hearing loss affects various aspects of a child’s development: social, emotional, educational and developmental. As a multidisciplinary clinic, we hope to address each of the disciplines in our clinic and provide you with content and resources on each domain so you can better advocate for your child’s needs. Biblioteca Educativa del Paciente and 患者教育資料庫.

The ListenUp! Video Library includes a range of different individualized educational videos we have created for our patients. We work with families to produce a personalized 4-minute video for their child that includes a hearing-loss simulation and tips on communication enhancement narrated by the parent or child in their native language. By sharing this video with friends, family, caregivers, and teachers, families are empowered to educate their community about their child’s hearing impairment and optimize their communication. To learn more about our ListenUp! program, please go to ListenUp!


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