UCSF Team leads AOCMF North America Webinar Wednesday May 12, 2021

May 13, 2021

P. Daniel Knot, MD, FACS, and Rahul Seth, MD will help lead  the AO North America CMF NA Webinar in regards to Gender Affirming Craniomaxiollofacial Surgery on Wednesday, May 12th from 8:00- 9:15 Eastern Time. 

This webinar seeks to explore the topic of gender affirming craniomaxillofacial surgery through interactive didactic and case-based presentations by a multidisciplinary group of surgeons. The goal is to inform the surgeon community on the many socioeconomic, legal, and insurance-related challenges currently facing this marginalized population. Discussions of the surgical techniques, innovations, and outcomes in the treatment of gender dysphoria will form the basis of this activity.

To register for the event,head to: