Dr. Charles Limb and Grateful Dead Drummer team up to promote Sound Health

Dr Charles Limb was recently in a feature with Grateful Dead Drummer Mickey Hart on NBC Washington (WRC-4) in partnership with NIH to showcase the healing powers of music.

This news piece discusses a joint collaboration between the Kennedy Center and the National Institutes of Health, who are putting a spotlight into the intersection of science and the arts. The collaborative effort, known as “Sound Health”, was spearheaded by opera legend Renee Fleming and NIH Director Dr. Francis Collins. This weekend’s program takes a unique view of music through the lens of neuroscience with the goal of trying to understand the biological basis for music, the highest form and manifestation of human hearing. Dr. Limb will be joined by scientists Nina Kraus, John Iversen, and Laurel Trainor, in addition to musicians Mickey Hart, Jason Marian, Zakir Hussain, Matthew Whitaker, Anthony Veneziale, and others.


Charles Limb, MD, Sooy Professor, Chief of Otology/Neurotology, Director of the UCSF Douglas Grant Cochlear Implant Center and Medical Director of Cochlear Implantation at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital.

To see the video, please visit NBC Washington (WRC-4).