Skull Base and Cerebrovascular Laboratory

The UCSF Skull Base & Cerebrovascular laboratory is formed by world-renowned Neurosurgeons and Otolaryngologists in the fields of skull base, neuro-oncology and cerebrovascular surgery. Every year, we welcome talented research fellows, who, with their work and commitment, are the heartbeat of the laboratory’s daily function.

We believe that our wide range of backgrounds, cultures, subspecialties and singular visions of operative Neurosurgery and Otolaryngology are our best assets, rather than our main limitations, to advancing in minimal impact Neurosurgery & Otolaryngology. Since its foundation in 2012, the Skull Base & Cerebrovascular laboratory has produced numerous publications to the most prestigious journals in our field; some of our publications have re-designed the surgical treatment for specific lesions and provided sound scientific basis for the best practices in operative Neurosurgery and otolaryngology.

The laboratory activities are meticulously designed for promoting surgical innovation. Our multi-million dollar laboratory is equipped with cutting edge surgical equipment to recreate any surgical procedure, enabling our researchers to simulate, design and test promising techniques aimed to answer the most complex cases in skull base, brain tumor or cerebrovascular surgery.


  • Ivan El-Sayed, MD
  • Michael T Lawton, MD
  • Mitchel S Berger, MD
  • Phil Theodosopoulos, MD

Research Fellows

  • Ali Tayebi, MD
  • Pooneh Mokhtari, PhD
  • Halima Tabani, MD
  • Xin Zhang, MD
  • Kaiming Su, MD
  • Xinming Ding, MD
  • Guanglong Huang,MD
  • Levent Baker


  • Dylan Griswold
  • Olivia Kola
  • Andre Payman
  • Hansen Deng

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