Saul and Ida Epstein Hearing Research Laboratory

The Saul and Ida Epstein Hearing Research Laboratory was established by generous gifts from the Epsteins in 1976. Since that time continuing gifts from the Epsteins, as well as grant and contract funding from the National Institutes of Health, industry-sponsored contracts, and several foundations have supported a wide range of basic hearing research projects. The laboratory is approximately 1,700 square feet and is located in the UCH building at 533 Parnassus Avenue. It includes dedicated facilities for molecular biology, light microscopy, imaging and image analysis, transmission electron microscopy, electrophysiology, psychophysics, recovery surgery, biomedical engineering, and molecular biology. Historically, the Epstein Lab has been world-renowned for its contributions to the development of contemporary cochlear implants - particularly for basic research on central nervous system encoding of electrical stimuli, plasticity following early deafness and applied cochlear implant (CI) stimulation.