Cochlear Implant Troubleshooting

On occasion, you may experience problems with your cochlear implant. All patients implanted at UCSF are provided with two processors, meaning there is a back up to use to keep you hearing when one processor is not functioning. The steps below should be followed in the order given to quickly identify the problem and get your device working properly again.

  1. Follow troubleshooting steps found in your owner’s manual or click on your device manufacturer’s name below to be taken to an online troubleshooting guide:
  • Cochlear Americas Troubleshooting
  • Med-El Troubleshooting
  • Advanced Bionics Troubleshooting

2. Contact customer service for your manufacturer for additional help troubleshooting if needed or to order parts to replace defective components.

  • Advanced Bionics 877-829-0026
  • Cochlear Americas 800-523-5798
  • Med-El Corporation 877-633-3524

3. Contact UCSF Cochlear Implant Center at (415) 353-2464, if you are unable to receive the help needed by following steps 1 and 2 above.