OHNS Director of Speech Language Pathology Discusses Gender Affirming Voice Care on Podcast

May 23, 2024

Sarah Schneider, MS, CCC-SLP, of the University of California, San Francisco Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (UCSF OHNS) was featured on the BackTable ENT podcast. The podcast episode, Gender Affirming Voice Care, discusses voice care for transgender patients. 


The podcast, hosted by Dr. Gopi Shah of UT Southwestern Medical Center ENT, featured Schneider and Dr. Mark Courey of Mount Sinai Otolaryngology. 

Schneider and Drs. Shah and Courey discuss what gender-affirming care looks like and how they create a personalized healthcare experience for those seeking help with voice-related concerns.

"It's really meeting the person where they are and when they're ready to do it," Schneider says. "It's about what the person wants and exploring that from what their goals are, what's going to make them feel good about their voice from the inside and what is going to support them in having people identify them for who they are."

Providing well-rounded care to the transgender community and all people includes understanding the needs of each person and collaborating with other clinicians.

At UCSF OHNS, Schneider is part of an interdisciplinary team comprised primarily of speech pathologists and laryngologists. This collaborative approach also involves primary, mental health, endocrine, social work, plastics, and a transcare coordinator, all working together to direct patients based on their individual goals.

The podcast episode delves into various aspects of care, including how to handle misgendering, patient referrals, and more.

Schneider, a renowned expert in the field, holds key positions at UCSF OHNS. She is the Director of Speech Language Pathology, Co-Director of the UCSF Voice and Swallowing Center, and an Associate Clinical Professor.