OHNS Chief of Pediatric Otolaryngology Appointed to AAP Board of Directors

April 22, 2024
Kristina W. Rosbe, MD, FAAP


Kristina W. Rosbe, MD, FAAP, has valued the connection of families, children and physicians. Now, on the Board of Directors at the American Academy of Pediatricians, she has the opportunity to further her impact on wellness and health equity for children and their families.

While working as an ENT specialist, she was drawn to pediatrics. She finds working with children to be particularly rewarding. "It is the greatest privilege to have parents put trust in you to take care of their most precious thing," Dr. Rosbe said.

Dr. Rosbe's involvement in the AAP dates back two decades when she became a member of the organization in 2004 and joined the Section on Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (SOOHNS) Executive Committee in 2008. The collaborative approach to pediatric care continued to reflect her goals. "The AAP, unlike my surgical professional societies, allows the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse group of pediatric specialists who share the mutual goals of helping children and families to achieve optimal health," Dr. Rosbe said.

After serving as the chair of the SOOHNS Executive Committee, the Surgical Advisory Panel (SAP) chair and the Pediatric Surgical Subspecialty Alliance, Dr. Rosbe still had more to offer. As a board member of the AAP, she will advocate strategies to decrease physician burnout, including incorporating artificial intelligence, and work to improve access to mental health care for children.

Congratulations, Dr. Rosbe, on your well-deserved appointment!