Gaelen Stanford-Moore, MD, MPhil recently featured in the South Pasadena Review Newspaper

Gaelen Stanford-Moore, MD, MPhil was recently featured in her hometown newspaper; The South Pasadena Review. A graduate of South Pasadena High School, Stanford-Moore attended the University of California Berkeley, and obtained her degree in molecular and cell biology with a minor in global poverty and practice. She attended the University of Cambridge and obtained her masters in epidemiology.

Both of Dr. Stanford-Moore’s parents are anthropology professors who teach at the University of Southern California, who early on in her life, worked in areas like Tanzania, Mexico, and India. “Living in other countries also taught me that many people have limited access to healthcare and I want to change that", says Gaelen Stanford-Moore.

Dr. Stanford-Moore is in her second year of residency at the University of California, San Francisco, and is currently studying Otolaryngology. She is busy doing research and serving on the fellowship of Rotarian Doctors, which constructs strategies around the Covid-19 pandemic.

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