Celebrating Mary Bobel's Legacy at UCSF OHNS

February 29, 2024

As Mary Bobel, MBA, prepares to bid farewell to her tenure at University of California, San Francisco Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery (UCSF OHNS), her departure leaves behind a profound legacy of excellence and dedication. Throughout her time as Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), Mary has actively contributed to the department's evolution, shaping it into a hub of innovation and collaboration within health care administration. Andrew Murr, MD, acknowledging Mary's invaluable contributions, expresses gratitude, "I feel so fortunate to have worked with Mary over the last 8 years. She is an insightful diplomat, expert financial sleuth, and budget wizard."


Upon joining UCSF OHNS, Mary encountered a department experiencing transformative growth. Reflecting on her initial impressions, Mary recalls, "The department was characterized by growth." Significant expansion occurred during this period, notably with the recruitment of doctors to staff Benioff Children's Hospital in Oakland as part of UCSF's integration with the former Children's Hospital, Oakland. Mary highlights that under Dr. Murr's leadership, the department was integrated, with the specific aim of stationing UCSF OHNS faculty there.

Mary's tenure is punctuated by numerous standout achievements, notably her instrumental role in faculty recruitment and the development of an administrative infrastructure to bolster departmental operations. She proudly reflects on her accomplishments, emphasizing her pride in "helping to hire many faculty members while developing an administrative team to provide support."

Mary's influence extends far beyond the confines of internal operations, leaving a profound mark on the field of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. Her strategic recruitment and post-award support efforts propelled UCSF OHNS to the forefront of innovation, ensuring grant recipients had vital resources for progress. Collaboration epitomizes Mary's legacy as she skillfully fostered partnerships within and beyond the department. From recruitment to securing crucial support from UC Health, her ability to forge alliances advanced UCSF OHNS's mission. Mary humbly shares, "I hope I have contributed by hiring great staff who can use their expertise to further the department's goals. I have been honored to work with such wonderful people committed to mission."

Throughout her career, Mary's professional growth flourished within UCSF OHNS's nurturing environment, empowering her to lead initiatives and advocate for the department. Reflecting on her journey, Mary encourages aspiring medical professionals to seize opportunities and venture beyond comfort zones. As she transitions to the next chapter, Mary offers parting wisdom, "Enjoy the ride, seek new opportunities, and build a network of colleagues." Though her departure will be felt, her enduring legacy will serve as inspiration for generations to come.

Dr. Murr's heartfelt message to Mary resonates deeply within the department, "You made a major difference in facilitating the lives of our team and therefore the patients we serve. We will miss you greatly!"