CME: Otolaryngology Update for the Primary Care Provider

March 1, 2019 - 7:00am to 3:30pm
Mission Bay Hospital - William & Susan Oberndorf Auditorium

UCSF OHNS Otolaryngology Update for the Primary Care Provider


Tackle the host of ear, nose, throat, and sinus issues head on with this comprehensive one-day course! Presented by UCSF Department of Otolaryngology, the day will feature clinical advances, updates, case presentations, and group/panel discussions geared towards honing your diagnostic abilities and treatment strategies. This course is designed for primary care physicians, nurse practitioners and physician assistants who work in general medicine, family practice and pediatrics with an interest in providing optimum care for patients with otolaryngology-related conditions

Learning Objectives
At the completion of this course, attendees will be able to:
  • Identify concerning characteristics of adult and pediatric neck and salivary gland masses;​
  • ​Describe an appropriate work up for adult and pediatric neck and salivary gland masses and know when to refer to an otolaryngologist;
  • Recognize common causes of adult and pediatric voice and swallowing disorders and recommend initial treatment regimens;
  • Consult with patients about the significant risks of obstructive sleep apnea/sleep disordered breathing, understand current treatment options, and provide appropriate treatment recommendations and consultations;
  • Recognize symptoms of infant tongue tie and know when to refer;
  • Differentiate between common external and middle ear pathologies and implement appropriate treatments;
  • Identify common and emergent symptoms of dizziness and vertigo and explain the Otolaryngology-based evaluation and treatment options;
  • Understand common causes of pediatric hearing loss, discuss appropriate workup and referrals and understand current treatment options;
  • Differentiate between rhinosinusitis and headache syndromes;
  • Identify signs and symptoms of adult and pediatric rhinosinusitis and implement evidence-based treatment recommendations


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