Patient Care


Our team provides comprehensive care for all disorders of the head and neck in children. We combine individual experience, best evidence from the medical literature, and the latest surgical innovations to develop an individualized care plan for your child. An emphasis is placed on discussion and understanding of the disease process and options for management. Once under our care, a focus is placed on supporting you and your child so that your experience is as safe and positive as possible.

In addition to our general pediatric otolaryngology practice, we coordinate multidisciplinary clinics for children with hearing loss, voice and swallowing disorders, and complex aerodigestive conditions and participate in additional clinics through UCSF-BCH including the Birthmarks-Vascular Anomalies Clinic, Craniofacial Clinic, and Fetal Treatment Center.

Whether your child has a condition that is amenable to relatively straightforward management or one that requires lifelong care, our providers strive to build a relationship of trust, understanding, and confidence with you and your child within the community of the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital and the Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery.

Conditions We Treat

Our team of providers sees the full range of surgical and medical disorders of the head and neck. Click here to see more information about your child's condition and learn about our approach.

Aerodigestive Clinic

For children have complex disorders of breathing, and swallowing and feeding, we have a multidisciplinary aerodigestive clinic in which children are seen concurrently by a team including a pediatric otolaryngologist (ENT doctor), pulmonologist (lung doctor), and gastroenterologist (GI doctor), as well as our speech-language pathologist. We also coordinate diagnostic and therapeutic procedures between these specialists.

Hearing Loss Clinic

For children with permanent childhood hearing impairment, we have a multidisciplinary hearing-loss clinic in which children are seen concurrently by a team including a pediatric otolaryngologist (ENT doctor), audiologist, speech-language pathologist, social worker, and geneticist. Our goal is to help you discover the cause of his/her hearing loss and help your family navigate the system of care to best address the needs of your deaf or hard-of-hearing child.

Voice and Swallowing Clinic

For children with disorders of voice, resonance, and swallowing, we have a multidisciplinary voice and swallowing clinic in which children are seen concurrently by a pediatric otolaryngologist and speech-language pathologist. By using in-clinic diagnostic tools such as nasendoscopy, videostroboscopy and functional endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES), we aim to accurately diagnose the cause of your child's voice or swallowing disorder and develop an effective, multimodal treatment plan.