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It is our first priority to evaluate each patient individually to provide the highest quality, evidence based care in the areas of airway, voice and swallowing. In our interdisciplinary clinic, made up of Laryngologists, Physician Assistants (PAs), or Nurse Practitioners (NPs), and sub-specialized Speech Language Pathologists, we use cutting edge technology and behaviorally based approaches to do just that.


Changes in breathing can not only be distressing, they can be life-threatening. At our Center we routinely evaluate and treat upper airway disorders.


Voice problems are disabling and can impact personal and professional quality of life. Finding a clinician who is knowledgeable and experienced with voice disorders can be challenging. Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality voice care to all people with voice complaints. We are nationally and internationally recognized for our specific expertise and care for the professional voice including professional speakers and singers across genres.

Voice changes can be the result of a vast diversity of conditions. Problems treated at our Center include:


Swallowing sustains life and greatly impacts quality of life in many ways. Identifying swallowing disorders and working to manage and treat these conditions is our expertise. Our team has specialized training and experience in the realm of head and neck cancer and neurologic swallowing impairments.

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