Rhinology & Sinus Surgery

Nose and Sinus

Nose and sinus problems can have a significant impact on breathing, sense of smell, and quality of life in general. Both medicine and surgery are used to treat diseases in this area.


Allergy symptoms most commonly occur in the nose and upper airway, and may be present during a specific season or all year long. Allergy testing is offered to determine the specific allergens someone is allergic to, and treatment options include medication, surgery, and/or allergy shots.

Minimally Invasive Skull Base Surgery

The skull base is the border between the brain and the nose & sinuses. Diseases in this area include both benign and malignant tumors. Many tumors, such as pituitary brain tumors, can be removed endoscopically by using cameras through the nose, while others require a combined endoscopic and open (using an incision on the face or scalp) approach.