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Jolie Chang, MD - Sleep Surgery

Jolie L. Chang, MD

Associate Professor and Chief of the Division of Sleep Surgery

Dr. Chang specializes in sleep apnea surgery and minimally invasive approaches for salivary gland surgery including sialendoscopy. Dr. Chang provides comprehensive evaluations for sleep apnea patients considering surgery and specializes in sleep endoscopy, soft palate surgery, tongue base surgery, snoring surgery, and hypoglossal nerve stimulation implant surgery. She also has clinical expertise in hearing and middle ear disorders and ultrasonography for head and neck disorders.


Andrew Goldberg, MD, MS - Sleep SurgeryAndrew N. Goldberg, MD, MS

Professor and Vice Chair

Dr. Goldberg’s principle research interest involves the application of basic science techniques in determining the causes of and treatment for chronic sinusitis. His research program includes evaluating patient quality of life and clinical outcomes, imaging of the airways in patients with obstructive sleep apnea, development of medical and surgical devices to treat sleep apnea, and optimization analysis of diagnosis of the site of obstruction of sleep apnea through drug induced sleep endoscopy. In 2000, Dr. Goldberg established the Center for Clinical Research in Otolaryngology (CCRO), an interdisciplinary center of research in patient outcomes for otolaryngology-head and neck surgery that supports research-based care.