Pediatric Ear, Nose, and Throat

The Division of Pediatric Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery has a wide range of active research interests. The overarching goals of our clinical research program are to understand:

  1. how pediatric head and neck disease happens,
  2. how well we are doing with current standards of care,
  3. where more research is needed, and
  4. what we can do to improve outcomes

Members of our faculty are regular speakers at local, national, and international conferences and have multiple peer-reviewed publications in high-impact scientific journals. Our active involvement in the community of clinician-scientists in pediatric otolaryngology ensures that you and your child will receive the most up-to-date care and counseling.

Current research interests include the following:

Airway and Swallowing

  • Non-invasive analysis of the natural history of airway growth
  • Predictors of tracheotomy in extremely premature infants
  • New diagnostic modalities for laryngeal cleft and aspiration
  • Endoscopic suture lateralization for neonatal bilateral vocal cord paralysis

Sleep Apnea

  • Influence of obesity and hypotonia on obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)
  • Outcomes and physiology of airway collapse using Drug-Induced Sleep Endoscopy (DISE)
  • Efficacy of intracapsular tonsillotomy in chronic tonsillitis

Vascular Malformations

  • Airway and swallowing quality of life in children with vascular malformations of the head and neck
  • Hearing loss and imaging findings in PHACE syndrome and other vascular malformations of the head and neck
  • Sleep-disordered breathing in children with vascular malformations of the head and neck
  • Airway response to sirolimus therapy in the treatment of complex pediatric lymphatic malformations

Hearing and Deafness/Otology

  • Ethnic, linguistic, and socioeconomic disparities in hearing health
  • Quality of life in families with deaf and hard-of-hearing children
  • Outcomes and improvement of low-income preschool hearing screening programs
  • Screening and treatment for congenital CMV-associated hearing loss
  • Basic genetics and cochlear physiology in Connexin 26-associated hearing loss
  • Outcomes of conversion of transcutaneous to subcutaneous osseointegrated bone-anchored hearing aids
  • Diagnostic accuracy of acute otitis media and otitis media with effusion

Other areas (sinus, salivary disease, and tongue tie)

  • Outcomes after FESS and balloon sinuplasty in pediatric rhinosinusitis
  • Outcomes in sialoendoscopy in pediatric salivary gland disease
  • Outcomes after lingual and maxillary frenotomy for tongue and lip tie

Translational, systems, and education research

  • Innovations in drug delivery through drug-eluting airway stents and modulation of the chemical properties of ototopical medications
  • Algorithm development for common pediatric otolaryngology disorders
  • Global health in pediatric otolaryngology - hearing loss associated with common viral infections in developing countries
  • Medical education and technology for otoscopic examination
  • Relationship-centered communication in medical education and subspecialty care

Selected Publications

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