Dr. Charles Limb Closes Out Chancellor Hawgood's SOTU Address

OHNS Faculty Member Charles Limb, MD closes out UCSF State of the Union Address

On October 21st UCSF Chancellor, Dr. Sam Hawgood, gave his State of the University address, via YouTube, highlighting the remarkable work and accomplishments of the UCSF community over the past year. To close the address, our own Dr. Charles Limb, the Francis A. Sooy, MD Professor of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at the University of California, San Francisco School of Medicine plays his original score called “Catalyst”, the theme of the address. Dr. Limb writes "it was a true honor to participate in Chancellor Hawgood's terrific SOTU address! Sometimes a piece of music seems to write itself. That was certainly the case here. When Dr. Hawgood's team reached out to me and described the event, I heard the melody forming in the corner of my brain as I listened. After the call, I sat down at the piano and within twenty minutes, "Catalyst" was composed in its entirety. I wanted the music to reflect not only the inspiring words of Dr. Hawgood's address, but also my gratitude towards the remarkable community here at UCSF, which has provided much needed solace and leadership during these challenging times for the entire world." Check it out at minute 53.

Here is the link to the entire address https://www.ucsf.edu/state-university-address

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