2017 Shirley Baron Award Winner

Dr. Nicholas Dewyer, a PGY-5 Chief Resident, won the prestigious Shirley Baron Award given for the most significant presentation at the Western Section portion of the Combined Sections Meeting of the Triological Society which was held on January 19-21, 2017 in New Orleans. Nick’s presentation entitled “Automated Smartphone Audiometry: Validation of a Word Recognition Test Program” described an App created to test hearing loss and word recognition. The App was able to reach congruence with standard clinical audiometry with 86% of the data points within an acceptable margin of error when the App was directly compared with standard audiometric testing. Charles Limb, MD was the senior author on the project. Nick is seen receiving the award from Peter Weisskopf, MD.

Nick will be accomplishing is neurotology/otology fellowship at Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary following his graduation from the residency program in June.