2014 Robert A. Schindler, MD Lecturer: David Haynes, MD

The 2014 Robert A. Schindler, MD lecture in Otology/Neurotology occurred on November 13. David Haynes, MD Vice Chair and Professor at The Vanderbilt Bill Wilkerson Center for Otolaryngology and Communication Disorders was our guest lecturer. His lecture on cochlear implants was a topic quite dear to our group given Dr. Schindler’s pioneering work in the development of the multichannel cochlear implant. Dr. Schindler’s formal involvement in cochlear implant research dated back to his residency at UCSF and fellowship at the Karolinska. Dr. Haynes was able to highlight nuances of implant electrode placement, improvements in utilization of implants for lesser degrees of hearing disability other than complete deafness, and to discuss the vast array of options for patients with single sided deafness.