Rahul Seth, MD

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My Philosophy

A person’s facial features and expressions blend to create one’s unique self identity and form the essence of the individual. Every person has their own perception of self image and an ideal aesthetic outlook for him or herself. As a facial plastic surgeon, I aim to create harmony within a patient's unique features and his or her own desired aesthetic goals. Such a positive transformation can have a very meaningful effect on any person. My objective is to be your personal ambassador who provides you that positive and natural transformation.

Any decision to enhance the appearance of your face is a significant one. My goal is to develop a bond and a trust with every patient so that I may understand all of the emotional, functional, and aesthetic factors that led you to your decision. That way I am able to best provide you with the natural aesthetic result that you desire.

With new technologies and procedures, there are numerous options for each patient that range from office procedures to operative techniques. My goal is to work with you to choose the best options for you, whether you desire enhancement of your appearance or reconstruction after a trauma or cancer-related surgery. As we know this is an important process for you, our team diligently works to provide you with knowledge of the successes, limitations, and possibilities of each procedure so that you achieve the best result for yourself. By practicing at a major university, we are able to provide you with invaluable university-level expertise and resources with a personalized touch.

Essential to my approach to facial plastic surgery is to provide you with superior results that are natural but revitalized and “refreshed.” With thorough and careful preoperative consultation, I strive to harmoniously achieve your own aesthetic desires. It is my goal to provide exceptional, personalized, and thoughtful facial plastic and reconstructive surgery care to all of my patients.

- Rahul Seth, MD

Training and Experience

Dr. Seth has completed fellowship training in Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at UCLA. He completed a 5-year surgical residency at the Cleveland Clinic and is board certified in Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery. Dr. Seth’s expertise is in the treatment of facial aesthetics and rejuvenation of the aging face, rhinoplasty and nasal airway surgery, treatment of facial paralysis, reconstruction of facial cutaneous malignancies, and free tissue transfer. He is committed to providing the highest standard of care so that his patients achieve their individualized aesthetic goals.

Honors and Awards

Dr. Seth has won several national awards and laboratory grant funding for his research, and has published over 20 medical articles in prestigious journals and textbooks. He has received over $100,000 in research grant awards to conduct and fund research. As a chief resident, he was awarded the honor of resident colleague of the year.

Research and Innovation

His research centers on clinical outcomes of techniques and therapeutic methods focused in reconstruction of the head and neck and facial aesthetic outcomes after cosmetic surgery. With a background in engineering, he has designed and patented new technologies in his field.

Dr. Seth is a primary inventor of a device which helps to determine the presence of abnormal fluid in a middle ear of a patient, a challenging aspect of an ear exam for many practitioners. The device includes two light sources, including a laser light beam. The conveyed optical beam creates a reflectance pattern and the illumination characteristic provides insight into the presence of any abnormal fluid in a middle ear of a patient. A substantially diffuse reflectance pattern observed indicates the presence of abnormal fluid in the middle ear of the subject.

Selected Publications

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Invited Speaking Engagements

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