Meet Our Residents

PGY-5 Chief Residents

Nicholas A. Dewyer, MD
Hometown: Bloomfield Hills, MI
Undergrad: University of Michigan; Biomedical Engineering
Medical School: University of Michigan
Outside Interests: Surfing, hiking, running, golfing, snowboarding, camping, exploring bars and restaurants
Research Interests: Quality improvement, the role of innate immunity in non-infectious disease processes including head & neck cancer and deep vein thrombosis


Jonathan B. Overdevest, MD, PhD
Hometown: Bridgeton, NJ
Undergrad: Cornell University, Biology
Medical School: University of Virginia | MD, PhD
Outside Interests: Cycling, quality time with Katie (wife) and Javi (our pooch), Dutch football, underwater SUP
Research Interests: Cancer metastasis, cell signaling, sinus microbiome


Matthew L. Tamplen, MD
Hometown: Lafayette, CA
Undergrad: UC Davis, Biochemistry and Molecular & Cellular Biology
Medical School: UCLA
Outside Interests: Golf, fishing, wine tasting, urban hiking, real hiking, sunday fundays and the occasional fist pumping
Research Interests: Osteoradionecrosis of the Mandible, Reconstructive Microsurgery, Clinical Outcomes of Modified Radical Neck Dissections


PGY-4 Residents

Sean Alemi, MD
Davis, California
Undergrad: University of California, Berkeley; Molecular & Cell Biology
Medical School: University of California, Irvine
Outside Interests: Following bay area sports, cooking, working out, hiking, yoga, playing the piano, taking our beagle for walks, exploring bay area cuisine
Research Interests: Facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, medical education, quality improvement


Elizabeth D. Cedars, MD
Hometown: Orinda, CA
Undergrad: Columbia University; Biological Sciences, Philosophy
Medical School: University of California, San Francisco
Outside Interests: Hiking the greater bay area, knitting, dinner parties, reading fiction, seeing movies, taking in the local art scene
Research Interests: Pediatric hearing loss, quality improvement, thyroid cancer


Conor W. McLaughlin, MD
Hometown: Colombia, SC
Undergrad: University of Notre Dame; Biochemistry
Medical School: Medical University of South Carolina
Outside Interests: Running, open-water swimming, hiking, exploring the Bay Area with my wife, religiously following the San Francisco 49ers and Notre Dame football
Research Interests: Minimally invasive salivary gland surgery (sialendoscopy); inflammatory markers and potential therapeutic targets in chronic rhinosinusitis; radiologic surveillance of tumors of the head and neck using PET/CT


Molly L. Naunheim, MD
Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
Undergrad: Duke University; Psychology
Medical School: University of Chicago
Outside Interests: Running, trying new restaurants, horror movies
Research Interests: Facial Plastic Surgery, Laryngology, Rhinology


PGY-3 Residents

Joseph Chang, MD
Hometown: Lexington, MA
Undergrad: Rice University; Bioengineering
Medical School: University of California, San Francisco
Outside Interests: Fishing, salsa dancing, trying new food
Research Interests: Undecided


Divya A. Chari, MD
Hometown: Plymouth, MN
Undergrad: Yale University, Molecular Biochemistry and Biophysics
Medical School: Columbia University
Outside Interests: Playing violin, tennis, skiing, traveling
Research Interests: Currently interested in all aspects of otolaryngology


Philip L. Perez, MD
Hometown: Cypress, Texas
Undergrad: Harvard
Medical School: Washington University in St. Louis
Outside Interests: Hiking, running, skiing, mexican food, non-mexican food
Research Interests: Hearing Loss


Nina W. Zhao, MD
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Undergrad: Washington University in St. Louis
Medical School: Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
Outside Interests: Cooking, baking, running, hiking, yoga, salsa dancing
Research Interests: Medical and surgical education


PGY-2 Residents

Annick Aubin-Pouliot, MD
Berkeley, CA
Undergrad: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Medical School: University of California, San Francisco
Outside Interests: Swimming, skiing, salsa dancing, traveling
Research Interests: Undecided



Eric J. Formeister, MD
Springfield, MA
Undergrad: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Medical School: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Outside Interests: Bicycling, snowboarding, hiking, running, traveling, yoga, photography
Research Interests: Undecided



Andrew R. Larson, MD
Missoula, MT
Undergrad: University of Otago Dunedin (New Zealand)
Medical School: University of California, San Francisco
Outside Interests: Cycling, skiing, surfing, rock climbing, vegetable gardening, reading
Research Interests: Undecided



Jason S. Park, MD, PhD
Hometown: Burbank, CA
Undergrad: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Medical School: University of California, San Francisco
Outside Interests: Cooking, volleyball, basketball, traveling
Research Interests: Squamous cell carcinoma research outcomes


PGY-1 Residents

Adrian House, MD
Hometown: Livermore, CA
Undergrad: University of California, Davis
Medical School: Boston University, Massachusetts
Outside Interests: Photography, exploring new music, glassblowing
Research Interests: Targeted head & neck imaging modalities and nasal/sinus microbiomes


Madeleine Strohl, MD
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Undergrad: Yale University, New Heaven, CT
Medical School: Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH
Outside Interests: Cooking, baking, dogs, running, hiking, wine, Cleveland sports
Research Interests: Head and neck, international work


Nancy Wang, MD
Hometown: San Jose and Fremont, CA
Undergrad: Stanford University, CA
Medical School: University of California, Davis
Outside Interests: Badminton, cooking, hiking
Research Interests: Undecided


Mary Jue Xu, MD
Hometown: West Chester, PA
Undergrad: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge
Medical School: Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, MA
Outside Interests: Running, art, exploring new places, YouTube hip hop dance videos
Research Interests: Head and neck cancers, Global Health