Otology, Neurotology, and Skull Base Surgery

The Division of Otology, Neurotology, and Skull Base Surgery delivers expert care for hearing, balance, and facial nerve disorders, inner ear and related skull base brain tumors, and diagnosis and treatment of complex vestibular problems.

We commonly provide medical and surgical treatment of external ear infection, exostoses (surfers’ ear), eardrum perforation, cholesteatoma, inner ear sudden hearing loss and middle ear hearing losses, and otosclerosis. Some of the more frequently performed operations are tympanoplasty with ossicular reconstruction, mastoidectomy, stapedotomy/stapedectomy, and exostoses excision. We are actively involved in clinical research, including innovative treatment of Ménière's disease and tinnitus.

  • Bone conduction hearing devices (Baha, Ponto, and Sophono)
  • Cholesteatoma
  • Chronic Otitis Media
  • Eardrum Perforation
  • Exostoses (surfer’s ear)
  • Ménière's disease
  • Sudden hearing loss
  • Tinnitus
  • Stapedectomy

The Douglas Grant Cochlear Implant Center
The Douglas Grant Cochlear Implant Center evaluates and treats adults and children who receive inadequate benefit from hearing aids. UCSF has been an international leader in the development and application of electrical stimulation of the auditory system to restore hearing for more than 35 years. The Cochlear Implant Team provides the most advanced technology and service to patients, including Hybrid Implants (combined electrical and acoustical hearing).

  • Cochlear implants (Cochlear, MedEl, and Advanced Bionics devices)
  • Hybrid Electrical-Acoustical Stimulation Implants

For more information, please visit Cochlear Implant Surgery

The Balance and Falls Center
The Balance and Falls Center assesses patients to determine potential causes of vertigo, dizziness and balance problems and recommends treatment strategies. Comprehensive services include videonystagmography (VNG), electronystagmography (ENG), rotary chair testing, vestibular evoked myogenic potential (VEMP) and canalith repositioning.

  • Vertigo
  • Labyrinthitis
  • Vestibular neuritis
  • Benign positional vertigo
  • Epley maneuver
  • Videonystagmography (VNG)
  • Rotary chair testing
  • Vestibular evoked myogenic potential (VEMP)
  • Vestibular rehabilitation

For more information, please visit Balance and Falls.

Skull Base Surgery
In collaboration with Neurological Surgery, the Division specializes in skull base surgery of the posterior and lateral cranial base. UCSF is a Center of Excellence for the management of tumors, infections, and injuries of the temporal bone and related structures. Acoustic neuroma (vestibular schwannoma) and meningioma are among the most common tumors treated by our joint Skull Base Surgery Team.

  • Acoustic neuroma (aka vestibular schwannoma)
  • Meningioma
  • Superior semicircular canal dehiscence